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A 1-year Christian leadership learning group for youth grades 9-12 in Etobicoke

Level Up

Level Up is a one-year program designed to deepen the development of those who have demonstrated an aptitude for leadership in ministry within South-Central Etobicoke churches.  Youth from partnering churches meet once a month on a Tuesday evening for two hours to learn different leadership skills. During the course, the students plan a local service project that they carry out together in Etobicoke. Each year, the Level Up cohort is honoured with a graduation celebration at the end of the year.

“Throughout my time at Level -Up, I have experienced many opportunities to learn and grow as a striving Christian leader. Throughout the well-crafted array of topics covered in this program, I was able to learn not only about what it takes to become a positive Christian leader, but also what areas of leadership I am strong in and need to grow in. Most importantly, this program has shown me how to integrate these skills into real-world situations. Through experiences like the service project, I was challenged to apply what I had learned throughout the contents of this program in order to get the best outcome possible. Overall, l could not have asked for a better opportunity to learn and experience what good Christian leadership is all about.”

– 18-year-old participant

“During my time with Level Up, I developed practical leadership skills and strengthened my faith in God. It was one of the highlights of my school year.”

– 16-year-old participant
Program Details


September – June

Days & Times

One Tuesday per month:



Meetings rotate and are held at partnering churches



Note: There will be the opportunity to attend Today’s Teen Youth Conference and a leadership retreat at Camp Mini-Yo-We. These outings cost additional fees but are not mandatory.

If you are a youth leader or pastor in Etobicoke and are interested in hearing more about this course for the youth you’re connected with, please contact Meghan Matthews at mmatthews@yugta.ca.